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Branding & Marketing:
Make your Brand work smarter, not harder. 

As a small business, you ARE your brand. Defining and translating that brand umbrella consistently across all your marketing channels is often a challenge. That's where Creative Relief comes in! We can work on a  single project or we can evaluate all of your outlets (website, printed materials, logo, social media messaging) and develop a strategy that makes your brand and your message work consistently for you. Some think as a small business branding continuity isn't AS important. We would argue its MORE important. With limited resources, every impression counts!

You DON'T need an enormous budget, you DO need a strategy to get the most from the dollars you spend. Whether you're just starting out or you're an established company that needs a re-fresh, we can work together to target your messaging and develop brand consistency across your outlets. Call Kim at Creative Relief and let me help elevate your business and your brand to the next level.
Perry Electric Website
Dari Print Materials
Print Advertising

Creative Relief was a GAME CHANGER for me!!!!! I am admittedly completely in the dark when it comes to the matters of websites and the like....and truly have zero interest in learning how to navigate the workings of my website, etc.. I'm a lawyer. My place is in the courtroom. Creative Relief enabled me to continue doing what I love and help my clients every day of the week in a courtroom, while Creative Relief built my beautiful website; and to date, continue to manage it for me. I had MANY companies to choose from when I made this decision and after meeting Kim and seeing her other work, I IMMEDIATELY knew SHE WAS THE EXACTLY WHAT MY FIRM NEEDED. I cannot say enough good things about Kim, her company and her timely results! If you're interested in website design, brand design, etc., I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CREATIVE RELIEF!!!!
-  Tara Yodice, Yodice Law Group

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